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Congratulations to RADICAL PhD researcher Vaishali Vardhan, who was awarded the CIWM Best Wastes and Resources Management Presentation Award for her presentation on RADICAL at Environ 2021.

Environ 2021 is the 31st Annual Irish Environmental Researchers Colloquium. It’s the longest running and largest forum for environmental researchers in Ireland with almost 300 delegates attending the event annually. It provides a high-visibility platform for young and experienced researchers to present their findings to an audience drawn from academia, government bodies and agencies, as well as industry.

This year’s conference, a collaboration between the Environmental Sciences Association of Ireland (ESAI) and the Environmental Research Institute at University College Cork, was hosted online on 16th to 18th June.

Vaishali presented an overview of RADICAL in a talk entitled ‘A fundamental breakthrough in detecting atmospheric radicals’.

Her slides are available in the RADICAL open access data repository on Zenodo.

Read more about Vaishali’s research in her article for the ESAI website.

About the author: Dr Tamela Maciel (UCC Academy) is the project manager and communications manager for RADICAL.

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