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The RADICAL project is a collaboration between multidisciplinary partners across Europe including University College of Cork (Ireland), HZDR (Germany), University of York (United Kingdom), National Technical University of Athens (Greece), Smartcom (Bulgaria) and UCC Academy (Ireland).

In this article, we introduce our SME partners at Smartcom in Bulgaria, who lead the modelling of our nanowire sensors.

Prof. Marin Hristov and Prof. George Angelov, Smartcom
Ivelina Ruskova, Smartcom

Smartcom is a privately owned Bulgarian company that specializes in Microelectronics and Electronic Design Automation, Carrier grade telecom system integration and Embedded Systems.


The RADICAL group of Smartcom consists of recognized researchers in the field of device modelling. The role of Smartcom in the project is related to simulation and design of the Si JNT-based radical detectors:

(1) development of a TCAD model of the junctionless transistor (JLT), and

(2) development of a compact model of the JLT.

Prof. George Angelov is a Scientific and Technology Leader for Smartcom and explains more about their role in the project:

The Smartcom team working on RADICAL include:

Dr Peter Statev – Executive Director, Smartcom  

Professor George Angelov – Scientific / Technology leader, Smartcom and Technical University of Sofia  

Professor Marin Hristov – Scientific / Technology leader, Smartcom

Ralitsa Ivanova – IT Manager, Smartcom

Diana Vracheva – Web developer, Smartcom 

Find Smartcom’s latest research on JNT sensor modelling through our RADICAL data repository here.

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