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This month, RADICAL project members from Cork (Ireland) and York (UK) joined forces at the Royal Society of Chemistry’s #EnvChem2022: Chemistry of the Whole Environment Research conference in York, 14-15 July 2022.

#EnvChem2022 provides a forum for early career and established researchers working in environmental chemistry and ecotoxicology to share their latest research findings, and this year it included sessions on atmospheric chemistry and novel techniques.

The conference represented the breadth of environmental research from innovative monitoring techniques to the latest data analysis methodologies, and included keynote presentations from atmospheric chemists Dr Jacqueline Hamilton (University of York) and Dr Chiara Giorio (University of Cambridge).

RADICAL was represented at #EnvChem2022 by researchers from University College Cork (UCC) and University of York, as well as the RADICAL project manager, Tamela Maciel from UCC Academy.

UCC chemists Vaishali Vardhan and Dr Subhajit Biswas presented a poster on the latest tests of an electronic sensor for atmospheric radicals, while Dr Kusuma Urs presented a poster on her previous gas sensing research. They were joined by atmospheric chemist and RADICAL researcher Dr Adrien Gandolfo.

“It was refreshing and inspiring to see the overlaps between atmospheric, soil and water environmental chemistry,” said Adrien Gandolfo.

“EnvChem was an informal and personable conference where early career researchers could really connect. It was also great to have the opportunity to visit our RADICAL team members in the Department of Chemistry at York, and catch up on their latest progress.”

Download the UCC RADICAL poster for #EnvChem here: “Electrical detection of atmospheric radicals using silicon nanowire junctionless transistors” by Vardhan et al.

Vaishali Vardhan, University College Cork, at #EnvChem2022

Amy Wolstenholme-Hogg, Victor Chechik and Naeem Iqbal at #EnvChem2022

York chemists Professor Victor Chechik, Dr Naeem Iqbal, and Amy Wolstenholme-Hogg also represented RADICAL, and presented a poster on recent efforts to functionalise silicon nanowires to detect atmospheric radicals, and in particular, ozonolysis of surface bonded alkenes.

“Our efforts to functionalise nanowires with various alkenes that will selectively react with atmospheric radicals such as OH are finally coming to fruition and it was great to present our results at EnvChem to a home crowd,” said Naeem Iqbal.

Download the University of York RADICAL poster for #EnvChem here: “Ozonolysis of Surface Bonded Alkenes” by Iqbal et al.

During the conference, the RADICAL team enjoyed a tour of the Department of Chemistry, and in particular, Professor Victor Chechik’s labs.

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