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On Sunday 13 November, the RADICAL team joined forces with University College Cork’s Environmental Research Institute at the Cork Science Festival 2022 ‘Celebrate Science’ family day to showcase the latest in sustainable materials research and environmental monitoring.

The RADICAL team ran a series of drop-in, hands-on activities for all ages, showcasing our latest efforts in electronic nose development and air quality monitoring. The activities included:

‘What’s That Smell?’ – an interactive smells guessing game representing four common air pollutants: particulate matter, traffic emissions, organic VOCs, and methane.

‘All About Air Quality Sensors’ – real-time CO2 and PM2.5 air sensors, linked with an interactive air quality map of Cork city.

‘Under the Microscope’ – an opportunity to examine everyday objects up close under the microscope, showcasing the range of materials in our daily lives.

The team also launched a LEGO model that showcases the key components of the RADICAL electronic sensor for atmospheric radicals. Find out more in our stop motion video:

It was incredible to see so many thousands of parents and children turn up to University College Cork on a rainy Sunday, and even better, to share their enthusiasm for science, technology and research for a more sustainable tomorrow.

Huge thanks to our dedicated researchers and volunteers from UCC: Prof Justin Holmes, Vaishali Vardhan, Kusuma Urs, and Tamela Maciel.

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