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The RADICAL consortium gathered 4-5 May in Dresden, Germany for its 2023 General Assembly meeting.

Hosted by RADICAL partners at HZDR, the meeting involved 14 researchers, advisors and project managers from across five European countries.

“These were two days of intensive and fruitful discussions complimented by interesting tours to key HZDR facilities,” said Professor Yordan Georgiev (HZDR), who leads the RADICAL Work Package on sensor nanofabrication.

“The best part was typical for our RADICAL consortium: a very nice, open, friendly atmosphere among all the participants. Definitely a pleasant and rewarding experience.”

Highlights of the meeting included:

– a tour of HZDR’s facilities including the Ion Beam Center and the ELBE Center for High-Power Radiation Sources,

– a roundtable discussion between RADICAL and HZDR research groups in the Clean Water Technology Lab and the Nanoelectronics Department (2D gas sensor development) on mutual research interests,

– a walking excursion to the incredible scenery in Saxon Switzerland,

– and of course, the many spontaneous and fruitful scientific discussions about the RADICAL sensor.

HZDR ELBE Center for High-Power Radiation Sources
Touring the Clean Water Technology Lab – CLEWATEC – led by Sebastian Reinecke (HZDR).
Group dinner, cruising the Elbe River in Dresden

The meeting also included a discussion on innovation and future exploitation plans for the RADICAL sensor as the project enters its final 1.5 years.

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And last but not least, key Work Package updates were presented from each of the partners.

The team looks forward to building on the momentum of this productive meeting as the sensor is developed from initial fabrication and gas sensing tests to tailored functionalisation for atmospheric radicals.

Particular thanks to Yordan Georgiev at HZDR for hosting such a productive meeting and to the Project Management team at UCC Academy and UCC for coordinating.

L to R: Yordan Georgiev (HZDR) and project coordinator Justin Holmes (UCC)

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