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We are delighted to bring you this 3rd annual newsletter from the EU-funded RADICAL project, which is now entering the final year of its four-year lifespan. 

Our coordinator, Professor Justin Holmes from University College Cork (UCC), shares this message:

Welcome to the third RADICAL project newsletter.

As we enter the final year of the EU-funded RADICAL project, we are actively seeking partnerships and commercialisation opportunities for our innovative electrical sensor technology that can detect atmospheric radicals for improved air quality monitoring.

In this newsletter, we have endeavored to pull together stories that speak to the success and collaboration we have experienced on the project in our third year of working together.

First off, we asked researchers on the team about what they’ve been learning and what excites them about RADICAL.

Then we time travel back to 2014, exploring how the scientific ideas behind the RADICAL project emerged when Yordan and I first collaborated on a low-cost sensor.

Now, of course, it’s more than just an idea and the researchers in Ireland, Germany, UK and Bulgaria have been customising, functionising and optimising our new electronic sensor design.

We describe how air sensors work and share an interview with Professor Matthew Johnson, an independent scientific advisor to the RADICAL project.

This communication aspect of our project is essential as we enter the final phase of evaluating our scientific findings for product development. We have successfully completed engagement with the HORIZON Results Booster programme, and are pleased to share here our marketing materials which highlight the key benefits and applications of the RADICAL sensor.

Finally, we conclude this newsletter with a look back at revent events, including a wide range of dissemination and communication activities undertaken by team members this year from podcasting to conferences, not least of which our annual General Assembly meeting which took place in Dresden.

We hope you enjoy the newsletter and that you continue to spread the word in your scientific and technical networks about potential applications of the RADICAL sensor.

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Justin Holmes, RADICAL Coordinator and Professor of Nanochemistry at University College Cork

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