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Collaboration is an important aspect of research dissemination, and a cornerstone of the quadruple helix approach undertaken by the RADICAL project to proactively engage with academia, industry, government and wider society.

In this blog, we share our approach to collaboration and highlight the diverse range of conferences where the RADICAL project findings have been presented. This includes conferences from the areas of materials science related to low-cost sensors, atmospheric chemistry and air quality monitoring, and radical chemistry.

The RADICAL sensor is a low-cost gas sensor that can be adapted to detect other gases with a wide range of potential applications across environmental, health, food, and chemical industries.

Due to the diversity of research specialisms involved, the project has various avenues of collaboration and we hope that compiling this conference list may be of use to other researchers looking at air quality monitoring and sensor development.

Our ultimate aim is bringing this sensor to market for the broader benefit of society. Our dissemination efforts are enabling the co-creation of findings with an engaged network of researchers interested in sensor design and air quality monitoring.

In order to promote the sensor technology for future industrial applications that benefit society, there has been a focus on sharing research results with potential users – peers in the research field, industry, other commercial players and policymakers.

At this phase of the project, team members are focused on sharing breakthrough technical results with the scientific community through high-impact journals and conferences.

Conferences have been a vital pathway for us to network with both academic and industry players in this space globally. This enables our team to meet researchers in materials science or low-cost sensors, atmospheric chemistry and air quality monitoring, and radical chemistry.

Opportunities have emerged through trade shows and more external facing workshops to liaise with industry and future users of gas-phase sensors, including air quality monitoring networks and other industries for which emissions and radicals is a concern.

A notable aspect of this project is our scientific collaboration, and the diversity of the team’s scientific backgrounds is visible through the sheer range of conferences relevant to our work on the RADICAL project.




Also on our radar:

  • International Commission on Atmospheric Chemistry and Global Pollution Conference
  • 50th International Micro and Nano Engineering Conference
  • Sensors 2024
  • Air Quality and Emissions show
  • Indoor Air 2024
  • EuChemS Chemistry Congress (ECC-9)
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